Student Success

What people are saying about us!

Aerin’s attitude toward her dancers is to teach them with the intention that they become professionals, with intensive classes and attention to detail- whether they actually become professional or not, isn’t the point. She trains each student with the belief that they can and will become accomplished. Its that kind of reinforcement that gives the students self confidence and pride. As her school grew, Aerin’s hard work and dedication to her students really paid off.
My son, Ryan, stayed with his dancing for many years and performed for the company. He had many opportunities to perform and became a professional dancer. He traveled to Europe twice and at 19 years old, he was offered a position with the Ostrava Ballet Company in the Czech Republic.
Thank you Aerin for giving Ryan the tools that enabled him to be offered this wonderful opportunity as a professional dancer.”
Christine Morrison
Pasadena, CA

“I feel lucky we found this dance studio for our daughter”….
“My five year old has been taking classes at CDA for about a year and a half – she absolutely loves it! We used to take her to another dance studio – she had about a dozen girls in the class which makes it very hard for little ones to learn. At Cal Dance Arts, they keep the classes small and the teachers are amazing. I love that in addition to recitals with her class, the kids get to participate in the CCB’s Snow Queen ballet that they put on during the holidays. Their receptionist, Lynnae, is as helpful as can be and because they offer so many classes at each level, it is always easy to arrange make-ups if you have to miss a class. I feel lucky that we found this dance studio for our daughter.”
L. Pitney
La Crescenta, CA

“Thank you for continuing this wonderful school”…
“I have had my daughter learning dance at California DanceArts for the past 6 years. She has just continually progressed and her teachers have taken the time with her to build on those qualities that she does best. She really enjoys her classes. Thank You for continuing this wonderful school for our community. So many kids and their parents have benefited from the artistic education which you deliver. California DanceArts makes dancers!”
June Reese
Los Angeles-Educator and Elementary School Director

“I’ve gotten onto Pointe and I’m doing really well”…
“I have been taking dance classes at CDA for about 5 or 6 years now. When I first came it was just a fun activity that I like to do and I wasn’t very serious about it, taking only one class a week. As the years have gone by, I have worked harder and getting in more classes throughout the week. I’ve gotten better! I feel now that I can pick up choreography very fast and my technique is getting a lot better. I’ve gotten onto pointe and I’m doing really well with my balances and combinations. Thank You!”
Marie Carroll
Hollywood, CA

“I’m extremely grateful”…
“In a world such as ours, where society and almost every channel on TV promotes sex, drugs and violence and how to achieve nothing but “time-off of work”- it’s wonderful the way Erin Holt keeps her students highly productive and working hard. She sets star high goals and makes sure that all her students achieve those goals. I’m extremely grateful to her for keeping my daughter working so hard. My daughter’s morale goes way up, as well as her confidence, poise and grace. She becomes proud of her accomplishments in dance which extend out to other areas of her life. At school, she now wants to work equally hard. Thank You Erin for instilling such high work ethics in your dancers. It’s hard sometimes, even on the parents to have our kids put in so much time, but I think it more than pays off in the long-run in building the character of our kids.”
Ellen Price
Hollywood, CA

“I was reminded of the value of these camps”…
“I was reminded once again of the value of these dance camps and the marked positive effect they produce on the morale and level of life of my daughter. Every time she does a dance camp, I am struck by the fact that there is no other activity she is involved in that leaves her so emotionally up and with the feeling of having had a really good day. The CDA camp philosophy is “Work hard, play hard” and they do, and the kids love it. During the camp show, I was very impressed by the creativity and level of choreography created by the kids themselves. Their dances communicated with emotion. Well Done to All!”
Ray Peck
Tujunga, CA

“You have been such an inspiration”…
“I just wanted to say Thank You! You have been such an inspiration to my daughter. She loves you immensely. I admire your patience and the wonderful control that you consistently demonstrate with your students. I pretty much watch the class each Saturday and it is always such a joy to be there and experience what you have to give to these children. They are very lucky to have someone such as yourself to be a part of their lives. I also appreciate the way you AWAYS give more than you promise. It amazes me to see how much you are so willing to give to each child. Much Thanks!”
Twyla Brousard
Los Angeles, CA

“I have a good shot at becoming a pro”…
“When I was young, all I wanted was to become a prima ballerina, as did all the other little girls who took ballet class. I thought it was pretty, but I really had no idea how wonderful it really is to be a dancer. Of course I enjoyed dancing around when I was kid… but really performing in front of groups of people is by far the most wonderful thing ever. To have people applaud you is so wonderful, on top of the huge amount of compliments you get after the show, not only from your parents but from complete strangers. But there is more to dance than performing. There are many, many hours of training required. Ever since I was young, this dance school has persisted on making me the best I can be. The classes are fun but demanding and I feel like I accomplish something every time I take a class. Whether it be an increase in my let extension, flexibility, adding a pirouette, getting that combination that I was having trouble with, or any number of the things I constantly work on, I ALWAYS feel that I have accomplished a lot. This is true in all of my classes. It shows too. I have recently been accepted into a couple of great summer intensive programs. California DanceArts is making it happen. I feel that I can accomplish my dream and that I have a good shot at becoming a professional dancer! Thank You to all the great teachers at California DanceArts.” 
Kamissa Marshall
Tujunga Ca. (age 15)

“What a fantastic school with fantastic instructors”…
“Cal DanceArts does a superb job in all three of the critical areas in childhood physical activity, 1) Creating body awareness by individualized, patient movement training until a child performs safely and with confidence, 2) Instilling confidence with a love of exercise, and most importantly, 3) The ability to listen and focus in class. What a fantastic school with fantastic instructors!”
Dirk de Brito MD MPH
Emergency Physician-La Canada, Ca.

“The company is run in a professional manner and the staff is friendly”
“California Dance Arts under the direction of Aerin Holt has been my number one place to refer young dancers for the last 13 years.  My daughter trained there and thrived.  Ms. Holt has the uncanny ability to identify a dancer’s strengths and guide them to new heights.  Further she uses her talents as a celebrated choreographer to showcase each principal dancer’s accomplishments in her productions.  The company is run in a professional manner and the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and caring.  Classes are fun and age appropriate.  It is the perfect place to be if you are a dancer with dreams as you will learn to fly!”
Lynn Roth
Los Angeles Unified School Teacher
Van Nuys, Ca.

California Dance Arts is the most creative dance academy I have ever been associated with. I’ve personally seen what Aerin Holt can do with raw talent, turning kids and young adults with a desire and a dream to make a difference through dance, into complete performers whose performances have created a huge emotional impact on those who have been fortunate enough to attend one of CDA’s productions. Besides the above, CDA, along with the non-profit California Contemporary Ballet, have made their mark by giving back to the communities of Glendale and La Crescenta. If there were more artistic endeavors like California Dance Arts, this world would be a much better place!”
Randy T.
Composer, Record Producer
Burbank Ca.

“You create great self-confidence”… “My daughter loves your dance camp. She had so much fun and was very productive and proud of herself. You’re amazing the way you help create great self-confidence in your students. She fell asleep each night exhausted and woke up each day anxious to get going again. I have to say, that I’ve never seen her so happy. Your Hip-Hop and Acrobatics teachers are great too. Thank You.”
R. P.
Los Angeles, CA

“The quality of instruction and professionalism has been outstanding!”
Our four kids have been involved with California DanceArts for over 20 years. The quality of instruction and professionalism has been outstanding! Plus the organization puts on the original ballet The Snow Queen once a year in December and another original show in the spring or summer. I would not hesitate to recommend the organization for dance students or professionals of all levels.”
John E.
Promotion & Marketing
Kagal Canyon, CA

“UNBELIEVABLE!  Simply…The Best”
“This amazing dance studio is preparing the production of “Snow Queen” to be performed at the Glendale Community College. What a great way to share dance during the holidays!  Love this dance studio and all the teachers and enthusiasm that comes with it!!!!! This is an amazing dance experience!!! If you love to dance, this is the place.  The teachers are… UNBELIEVABLE!  Simply ‘The Best”. Aerin Holt-  Owner, director of California Dance Arts.  Ballet for adults?  This is the place.  Hard to find ballet classes for beginning or returning adult ballet students, come to Aeins’ class.  For those who want to learn dance technique or just to improve.  Helps in preparation for other classes. Simply the best instructors!  Cannot say enough praises for this studio!”
Tina P.
Alta Dena, CA

“California DanceArts has the most extensive ballet curriculum I have ever found. Their program really will prepare one for a professional career in classical and contemporary ballet. The yearly production of The Snow Queen is something my kids have always looked forward to participating in and they have also received other wonderful opportunities to perform and grow as dancers. They have really enjoyed their time and training there. I also like that the academy works as well with the little beginning students and really has some caring instructors that make dance fun and enjoyable for them while giving them a good start on the basics of dance.  Thank you to Erin and all the caring, professional instructors at California DanceArts!”
Laura Eberhard
Palmdale, CA

“Our experience at CDA has been excellent.  The director, Aerin, is a superb dancer/choreographer and has built a dance school that hires professional dance instructors and turns out professional dancers.  It isn’t just fun and games.  My daughter is probably never going to be a professional dancer, but she was given such great experiences performing at such a young age, that I know she will always love dancing and performing.  I think she was 5 when she was cast as a Snowflake in The Snow Queen, Aerin’s original holiday ballet.  So, real performance opportunities abound.  Don’t take your children anyplace else!”
Dance Enthusiast
La Canada, CA

“I would encourage any parent to enroll his or her child in dance classes at California DanceArts”
“I came to California DanceArts 12 years ago when my daughter discovered the academy tucked away in a tiny location in Montrose.  Since that time, the school has grown by leaps and bounds, and its outstanding curriculum has been developed with tireless care and dedication by the school’s director.  She, along with her fine staff of highly qualified dance instructors, has nurtured each of her students while possessing the uncanny ability to recognize each dancer’s strengths and weaknesses.  Armed with this knowledge, she builds on the strengths and works diligently with the student, in an effort to help the student overcome his or her obstacles.  She also gives each of her students the training necessary to help them become technically proficient, poised and confident performers.  While my daughter continued with her dance studies, the school began to offer a variety of dance classes to adults, an opportunity that I seized upon, since I had been a dancer in my youth.  It afforded me the perfect opportunity to stay in shape, while continuing to nurture my love of dance.  While my daughter has grown up and moved on to college, her career aspirations have taken her in a different direction.  But because of the discipline she learned and her experiences at California DanceArts, she still possesses a love of dance which I feel certain will remain with her for a lifetime.  I would encourage any parent to enroll his or her child in dance classes at California DanceArts, as the experience will help their child develop confidence, coordination and a life-long love of dance.”
Ilene Rivera
Director at Warner Bros.
La Crescenta, CA