Elective Classes

Jazz  Dance
Based on a modern dance lyrical jazz style, our program focuses on jazz technique, turns, jumps and style. Attention is given to proper placement and clean lines. We offer combination  beginner teenagers. We offer Children’s classes, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Jazz Dance. All CDA classes enjoy a 10 student minimum.

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Just for TEENS
A class specifically for pre-teens, teens and young adults. This class is great for teenage beginners providing them with the opportunity to learn to dance with a group similar in age rather than having to go into a beginner class with younger children. The variety of styles given in the class provide a sampling of Jazz dance, Ballet and Hip Hop. The base of style and technique provided in the class allows students to further pursue dance in their future at a rate that is consistent with their age.

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Offering Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced level Hip Hop for children and young adults. Class focus is on the popular style, rhythm, retaining and picking up choreography, expression and attitude, working together in a group and having fun! All CDA classes enjoy a 10 student minimum.

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Tap Class
Offering basic tap for children! One of the many benefits from attending our tap classes include increased rhythmic skills. Children love to hear the sounds and complex rhythms that are created with their feet. Tap dance enhances coordination and the ability to learn choreography with a jazzy Broadway flair. Taught through a graduated system, our student find the program fun and exciting.

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Boy’s Only (No Girls Allowed!)
A program just for boys, where boys can be introduced to dance AS BOYS.  In a fun way, boys become aware of the history of dance that began with men…not women! Students come to understand that dance is indeed a male activity! This program is a general dance class working on Jazz, Hip-hop, Breakdance, Conditioning and Ballet for boys and young men. The focus is on jumps, turns, strength and specific steps and tricks that are unique to male dancers. We find that our boys usually desire to go onto additional classes after being provided with this introduction. There is a limit of only ten boys per class.

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Dance Essentials™
Developed for dancers, actresses and musicians to help them achieve stage presence and performance skills in preparation of major events in their careers. The method has been featured in Music Magazines and Publications for Actors. Dance Essentials™ is a tool box of skills required for gaining good Stage Presence, Dramatic Ability, Rhythm, Picking up and remembering Choreography, the Ability to Improvise, feel natural on stage and more. Dance Essentials™ is fun and taught within a variety of drills, games and application of specific concepts. Its fun and enjoyable. The methods are proven by the many testimonials of artist who have had success with this method.  The program is delivered to anyone at any age! The methods are particularly helpful to people with goals for the stage. Exclusively delivered only at California DanceArts. The method is integrated into CDA’s CORE programs, but can be delivered, upon special request, to groups or in private lessons to students or professional performing artists.

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Posture Alignment Therapy- Hurt No More!
Are you in Pain? Have you suffered an injury that is keeping you from your favorite sport or weekend activity? Are you considering surgery? Before you take the drastic steps of cutting  flesh, tendon and muscles or resort to a pain pill regime, you may want learn about our Posture Alignment Therapy that concentrates on the alignment of all physical joints. With a series of positions and exercises, the joints can begin to work as nature intended with correct posture and without physical pain. This is a proven method for relieving your pain and correcting damage. Used at CDA for pain experienced by our dancers, we now extend this therapy to anyone wishing to improve their physical condition. This method has also been used successfully for dancers and athletes who are not in pain, but who wish to improve their coordination and response time so that they get to the TOP of their “game”.

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Piano & Music Lessons
Offered with professional flutist and musician, Sheila Zimmermann, whose career and experience makes her exceptionally qualified to guide our students through the world of music.  We offer this program for our students and anyone who wishes to express themselves through music. Dancers that understand music obviously express themselves well with good use of rhythm. The more one understands about music the better one can create with use of it. The study of music is very important to any study of choreography and for teaching dance. Music and Piano lessons are offered to children and adults in small groups and private lessons.  

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