International Study

Global Ballet Workshops offering International Opportunities

Exposing  students to the wider world of dance provides a humbling perspective in which one is exposed to far away travel locations, study with professional dancers and renowned (even famous) teachers from the worlds greatest schools and companies with students from both similar and new backgrounds, new ideas, challenges, cultures, languages and environment.  Being exposed to a world much bigger than ones-self is to gain more of ones-self. In other words, it has been our experience that while visiting international summer study, through our Global Ballet Workshops, students often mature with wider perspective, adopt bigger goals and tackle greater challenges because of their new experience. This is why we offer summer opportunities from Europe and around the world when we are able.

In July 2005, a group of 15 CDA students traveled to Salzburg, Austria and trained for 3 weeks.
In August 2007, a group of 10 CDA students traveled to Ostrava, Czech Republic and trained for 3 weeks.
In August 2011,  a small group of CDA students were accepted and traveled to Prague, Czech Republic and trained for 4 weeks.

While we may not be able to offer our Global Ballet Workshops every summer, we will be providing another workshop soon. Information regarding new opportunities will be listed here. Please check back or inquire by contacting us.