Core Student Division

“The Kids” dance as “Town Folk Kids” in The Snow Queen Ballet 

Town Kids

CDA Students perform as Town Folk Kids

Students enter the CORE Student Division at California DanceArts at Ballet Levels 1 and Levels 2.  This program consists of training in Classical Ballet twice a week. Each class is typically one hour.

Students are challenged with technical skill and vocabulary  while still engaging in the creative play that provides freedom of expression. A study of the French translation of the terms used in ballet class provide a more complete understanding of what is being asked for in class. Students have less confusion and have more fun! Students become very interested in learning and maintain a love for ballet! In these levels, students learn technical skills designed to help train the feet, turn-out from the hips, correct and align posture, use arms and body gracefully and learn many new steps! Eventually, as students become eligible,  in level 2, they may be asked to join a class for Pre-Pointe which strengthens and prepares the feet, legs and body for eventual full Pointe training and Pointe shoes.

Our exclusive Dance Essentials ™  method is integrated into our classes providing a variety of drills, games and application of specific concepts regarding Stage Presence, Picking up Choreography, the Ability to Improvise and more. For most students, Dance Essentials™ is the favorite part of class.

Levels 1 & 2 are the first of our examination levels. Periodic examinations are key to ensuring students progress. CDA students truly earn their level placement and know it. Knowing that you have truly worked for your place in a program develops high self-confidence and pride! Upon completion of each level, students are rewarded for their increased knowledge and skill by graduation award and placement into the next highest level of training.  Because our students are well prepared for the examinations, most students say the exams are “easy!” and “fun!”

Our exclusively limited and small class sizes of only 10 children per class, ensure that students do not miss fundamental concepts. Students receive more personalized attention, learn more effectively, eagerly engage in class and have more fun.

Using expert knowledge of what is expected from young dancers as they develop, mature and discover opportunities for their skills we are creating a balance of artistry and technical excellence.  The faculty at California DanceArts expertly assist our young dancers as they make their own assent toward achieving their dreams.

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