Pas de deux

 Pas de Deux  means, “Step of Two“.   By dancing with a partner the ballerina can jump higher, take positions she would never be able to on her own, and “float” about the stage as she is carried by her partner. A partner allows a man to extend his line and show off his strength. Pas de deux is a romantic vision that is important and exciting for young male and female ballet dancers to learn.

Here are a few of the most famous traditional Pas de deux:
The Black Swan Pas de deux from the third scene of Swan Lake
The Bluebird Pas de deux from the third act of The Sleeping Beauty.
Don Quixote Grand Pas de deux and theNutcracker Pas de deux.

Contemporary Ballet Pas de deux, is simply called, “Partneringhas become increasingly popular where fluidity of motion and creative techniques for lifting, catching and turning the female has been developed.

California DanceArts Pas de deux is available for Int.-Adv. level ladies and young men,
California DanceArts level 4+ students. Girls must have sufficient training En Pointe as determined by the teacher.

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