MPT & Conditioning

The Amazing New MPT Method (Placement Technique) 

California DanceArts is proud to offer an MPT program for ballet dancers. We are one of the few Academy’s in the Western United States with certification for teaching this method. MPT was created by Yehuda Maor, specifically for intermediate and advanced level ballet dancers to maximize training with increased benefits during the time spent in class. The technique focuses on the dancers’ placement and creates a core center that is strong, balanced and solid. With the use of a neoprene belt and the ballet bare, the technique enhances overall flexibility and strength, creates better turn out from the hip and increases extension. The method also includes conditioning and workout exercises.

Conditioning for Dancers and Non-Dancers

Featuring the amazing new MPT method, originally intended for the supplementary training of ballet dancers and with use of a neoprene belt, the method includes a power workout for increased strength and flexibility from which every body can benefit. Good for dancers and non-dancers, men, women, and people of all fitness levels. Included in the CDA Conditioning program is a Postural Alignment  method which includes Pilates mat and yoga based body alignment techniques. Reported benefits from the program include better strength, limberness and agility, less aches, pains, and improved fitness and health.

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