Dance Essentials

Do you have trouble remembering the steps of the choreography, the lyrics or the lines of the script?
Do you fumble? Do you feel non-existent on stage? Do you freeze when asked to create something of your own orgin or to improvise? Are you wooden? Having trouble nailing the auditions?

Our Dance Essentials ™ program was developed by California DanceArts Director, Aerin Holt, during many hours working with Hollywood dancers, actors, singers and musicians to help them achieve stage presence and performance skills in preparation of major events in their careers. The method is still used to help performers of all media to successfully hold the audience in the “palm of your hand”. So important to a dancer’s success, we have integrated Dance Essentials™  throughout all of the California DanceArts curriculum and classes.

While the method is useful for musicians, singers and actors, it is particularly beneficial to the dancer. Dance Essentials™ is a tool box of skills required for gaining good Stage Presence, Dramatic Ability, Rhythm, Picking up Choreography, the Ability to Improvise, auditioning and more. Dance Essentials™ is fun and taught within a variety of drills, games and application of specific concepts. Its fun and students enjoy learning. The Adv program for dancers is delivered  in class within the CDA Career Prep Division or Adult Division where students may integrate the program’s concepts into the composition of choreography or utilizing the program to prepare for important auditions and big performances.

Musician’s, Singers, Actors!  Dance Essentials ™ is also taught one on one in private session and may be booked by contacting us here.

Aerin Holt teaches stage presence for performers. As a singer, this training has carried me through countless performances. From raising / lowering the energy in the room to just knowing what to do while the guitarist is soloing.  I am grateful for the stage presence training I received from her. lately I’ve been singing in a Tribute to QUEEN… Paying tribute to one of the greatest Rock singers and performers of all time… Freddie Mercury. And Boy am I glad I studied with Aerin! Pulling it ALL out of my “bag of tricks” to attempt proper tribute to the greatest… I am still me and not “acting”, but I am armed with a lot of what I need to put on a big concert like this. Thank You!”  Alan Morphew- Musician, Singer

Dance Essentials™ for dancers is exclusively delivered only at California DanceArts.

Dance Essentials™  may only be provided by certification and authorization.