Classical & Contemporary Ballet

Classical Ballet- its not just tights and tutu’s, its respect, discipline, focus and artistry!

CDA Ballet Couple

CDA ballet students enjoy study in Pointe work, Pas de duex and more! Photo of two CDA Students

Nine progressive levels of classical ballet, based on the Italian Cecchetti syllabus and Russian Vaganova method has been developed for California DanceArts, providing a proven and progressive syllabus.   Uncompromising attention is given to proper technique. Attention is given toward terminology study of the french terms of the traditional ballet art form.  With focus on fundamentals, students make steady advancements and enjoy learning.

The CDA Ballet program provides supplementary training with cutting edge techniques for physical conditioning using MPT (Placement Technique) and artistry, by providing our unique Dance Essentials™ program relating to stage presence, musicality, how to retain and pick up choreography faster and more. Attention to areas such as these reduces student frustration and creates highly accomplished dancers… and self esteem to go with it!

As students progress through our CORE ballet training levels, greater technical demands are required. Intermediate and Advanced levels include study in Pointe work, Allegro, Pas de duex, Classical Variations and Theatrical skills.  At highest levels, attention is given to bring students from pre-professional to professional level. Not every student wishes to become a professional ballet dancer, however many students have found that training to this level to be helpful in a variety of careers, college programs and personal achievements   Graduation into each level is by passing exam.  At CDA, students make graduated progress eventually, at the highest levels, develop results compatible with international standards. Classes are limited to ten students per class. Our two pre-ballet levels are limited to only 6 students per class. Career Professionals may attend Int. and Adv ballet at levels 4+ within this program.

Contemporary Ballet 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;
Contemporary balletis a form of dance influenced by both classical ballet and modern dance. It takes its technique and use of Pointe work from classical ballet, although it permits a greater range of movement that may not adhere to the strict body lines set forth by schools of ballet technique. Many of its concepts come from the ideas and innovations of 20th century modern dance, including floor work and turn-in of the legs.

CDA contemporary duet

CDA Students perform a contemporary duet

California DanceArts Contemporary Ballet Class Description:
Based on methods created for California Contemporary Ballet, the resident company of California DanceArts. The contemporary barre highlights full physical motion and coordination of the all the joints with emphasis on the motion of the spine. As the barre work progresses from plies to grand-battements, many exercises are performed on center and then off center preparing the dancer for off center movement. Sometimes the class will begin sitting on the floor working within the discipline of modern dance for grounding of the body and building strength for even greater freedom and risk taking.   It is important that students already have a sense of center and therefore our Contemporary Ballet class is open only to upper level ballet students and adults with sufficient classical ballet training.

The class is designed to teach the dancer how to incorporate the fluidity of the whole body and graduate from pure classical shapes to an inverted tilt, askewed hips and legs in a contemporary manner. By performing these exercises both center and off center, on the floor and with the freedom of the torso, hips, and legs, the ballet dancer best transitions from barre and floor to full body expression and to stage, where contemporary ballet has become so prevalent.

During the last half of the class, students are given contemporary choreography, adagio or lyrical and allegro- quick moving routines across the floor and in the center by adding waltzes, pirouettes and contemporary movement that provide freedom of the body and motion. The class is finished with a reverence. Pointe shoes are optional but highly encouraged for those wishing to dance En Pointe. This class is suitable for Int-Adv dancers that are at CDA level 4+

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