Young Dancers Intensive 2017

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California Young Dancers Intensive 2017
 June 12- June 30thMonica Youth

For young students who are passionate about dancing and who wish to rapidly improve their skills. Now there is an intensive program to provide summer challenges in a nurturing environment. California DanceArts provides one of the few intensive studies of this kind and caliber for younger dancers.

With only 8-12 students accepted into the program, each student will receive personalized attention, ensuring that students understand the concepts and instructions that are given. Featuring the curriculum and methods which have established California DanceArts as a premier academy of dancing, our expert instructors from our faculty provide young talented dancers with the highest caliber training and skills needed to achieve their dreams.

Ballet instruction is at the core of our training with loads of opportunities to experience supportive dance styles. Program includes morning Ballet technique classes, MPT (Placement Technique), Pre- Pointe preparation, Jazz dance, Modern dance, Stretch Class, Choreography Workshop and Dance Essentials for picking up choreography faster, Improvisation, Musicality, Performance skills and more. Creative methods keep students excited about learning. Includes optional Field Trips and ballet films of great classic and contemporary dancers.

Qualification & Audition: 
Students must audition for program placement by attending an audition class. Only 8-12 students will be accepted. We select dancers based on a common level of ability. Students should be at or near moving into the California DanceArts  level 1 and 2 + with an approximate age of students 8-11 yrs old who have already received several years of  basic training. We may make some exception for talented students that are younger but whom are able to handle more serious study. Students should be pre-Pointe or may be nearing Pointe placement. Students younger or older than the recommended age may audition when at appropriate training level. At audition, we will provide dancers with alternate summer recommendations or acceptance into this unique program. Please note that this is a physically demanding program and students must be able to work intensively 4-6 hours a day (with breaks) of classes, choreography and rehearsals. 

3 weeks of training: M-F 9:30-3:00pm
3 Week Session: June 12 – June 30, 2017

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Program Performance
Friday, June 30 at 5pm
(Students wishing to perform, must attend the Maximum 3 week session.
Audition :  AUDITION NOW!
Audition held at California DanceArts
Places in this exclusive training program do not last.
Audition at California DanceArts on

March 11 at 11:30am
$20 Audition fee.
$30 Audition fee for distant students who may audition by mailing dance photo or DVD with list of training. Send to California DanceArts Address

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