Core Ballet Program

“Ballet- its not just tights and tutu’s, its respect, discipline, focus and artistry!”

CDA Dance in Mirror

CDA student dances in the mirror

CDA offers the Los Angeles and the Flintridge communities a quality progressive ballet training program. We call it  “CORE”  training because ballet is the essential corner stone for creating well defined, graceful motion, artistry and skill.   Every dancer, no matter the students age or any other style of dance one wishes to pursue, benefits from the fundamentals provided by Classical Ballet training. Our proven ballet syllabus provides a unique training opportunity for structured study of technical skill, vocabulary, musicality, body placement, creative expression and artistry.

Once a dancer achieves a competent level of ballet training, Contemporary Ballet may provide an essential element of physical freedom and expression. Using a fundamental base of classical ballet, the contemporary ballet dancer is permitted a greater range of movement and body lines.

Please take a moment to find out more information about our progressive program  CORE Children’s Division,  CORE Student Division and CORE Career Preparatory Division.