Student Demonstrations

Each Spring, California DanceArts students begin arduously preparing for Student Demonstrations during our week long Open House. Students have many challenges and study during the spring, due to ballet examinations and graduation into new classes and ballet levels.  Learning choreography to be presented at the Student Demonstration is part of the educational experience, however we prefer not to occupy the entire class period for this one lesson.  Therefore, only the last half or quarter of the class is used for rehearsals.

When the day arrives, students are excited to present the dances and choreography that they have learned.  Families have the opportunity to view our students perform and present specific elements of a class in which students have excelled.  Families may greet our faculty and have opportunity to ask questions, learn more about our syllabus and knowledge all of the students for their participation or graduation, as they are presented with award ribbons.  The ribbons are keepsakes that mark a students progression through the California DanceArts training program.

Our Spring-time Student Demonstration is a relaxed event for our students and their families. If students wish more performance opportunities we suggest that students become familiar with California Contemporary Ballet, a non-profit performance company, in residence at California DanceArts. California Contemporary Ballet offers full-scale performances, opportunities for our students to participate in the Youth Company Division and in the annual Snow Queen Ballet.  Please see more information about California Contemporary Ballet’s Performance Opportunities here.